Unlock You're Home Like You're Phone?

Published by CEO Marko Marynevych

   Facial recognition is now the future in unlocking you're home. Our 3D face unlock technology allows you to open your door in .02 of a second. Our technology is the only unique to SmartDoor.

Our story behind creating this lock comes from a history of impairments in family members. Our Co-Founder had this amazing idea built directly for the deaf and blind. Patrick Rizzo my business partner has a Grandma that is visually impaired who has always had challenges with opening her front door. She now can easily open her front door with the facial recognition feature.


   With our technology in the SmartDoor Revelation and Elite you are now able to use these features. We believe you can now innovate your home, rental property, corporate office and apartment complex with our locks. Not only does our locks open with facial recognition but we have built in smart features all over the place. Unlock your home with your fingerprint, our mobile app, touch-code, manual key and exclusive to the Revelation we have our doorbell system.


    All ways know who is at your front door. With our smart security system you will be notified if someone is at your door. Our most popular product for this feature is the SmartDoor Infinite, that features a 150° camera that displays 1080p. 





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